Our values

Created in 1992 as a company dedicated solely to digitization, Digitech has evolved in the past three decades to a provider developing a full range of solutions to support digital transformation for both public and private entities with a primary focus on digitized civil registration.

With the objective to propose its solutions and expertise to the international market and develop added value for its customers, Digitech has created in 2017 Digitech Development, a company dedicated to international market.

While our company has evolved, there is one thing that has remained the same: our set of core values.

This serves as the backbone for everything we do and for the support we provide at an international level.


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wherever you may be in the world and regardless of your online connection, we believe that every citizen deserves to be counted and registered in order to assert their rights and access services, and so that national entities can have a full perspective of the current status of their local populace.


we know that there are areas in the world where wi-fi or mobile data are still a pipe dream. Our technology provides the same reliable registration and transfer of data with even the minimal presence of mobile connectivity, guaranteeing the same streamlined process from mobile networks to wi-fi and SMS registration.


registering, digitalization and transfer of citizen data need to happen within a framework that protects any and all exchanges between citizens and institutions and between institutions themselves – this is the only way to guarantee a process all parties can trust and rely on.


we have worked in over 200 projects from Europe to developing countries in West Africa, Northern Africa and the Pacific – this has allowed us to develop solutions that grow alongside shifting objectives and mission statements, and to truly understand the differences that need to be taken into account when implementing digitalization projects on both local and national levels.