Our mission

Digitech Development successfully supports the implementation of your projects digitization transformation through:

  • the best proposal for secure, adapted, and scalable solutions
  • guidance in defining and planning the project
  • know-how in optimization, reduction in costs and time, improved reliability
  • support in adapting to changes

We achieve our mission by staying committed to providing:


Technology that builds connections:

  • Connections between citizens and institutions: connections that allow for every citizen to be counted, seen and to benefit from the full extent of their legal rights.
  • Connections between institutions and their legal peers: connections that allow for fast communication exchange, and synchronization of data.


Sustainable technology that grows

  • In an ever-shifting digitalization landscape, Digitech Development solutions support both present objectives and future requirements that may arise organically as part of the implementation process. The software framework is adaptable to an increased number of users both in-office and on the field.


Technology for everyone

  • From field agents who have received training regarding the usage of solution to office workers that organize and archive the collected data to citizens who use the technology as their first point of contact with their local administration and national institutions, Digitech Development aims to create a framework that is easy to use, adapted to customers needs and reliable regardless of connectivity.

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Our values:

Created in 1992 as a company dedicated solely to digitization, Digitech has evolved in the past three decades to a provider developing a full range of solutions to support digital transformation for both public and private entities with a primary focus on digitized civil registration.

With the objective to propose its solutions and expertise to the international market and develop added value for its customers, Digitech has created in 2017 Digitech Development, a company dedicated to international market.

While our company has evolved, there is one thing that has remained the same: our set of core values.

This serves as the backbone for everything we do and for the support we provide at an international level.