A unique configurable and scalable CRVS Framework

EveLiN is a framework integrating a set of innovative, flexible and ready-to-use technological modules to build a digital CRVS solution (on premises or on the could) adapted to the country context, needs of the end-users and those being registered.

It allows to ensure the complete registration management and vital events statistics.

The design of EveLiN benefits from the expertise, know-how and skills acquired over the past 25 years and leverages the feedback from registration authorities, international organizations, experts community as well as others government stakeholders (Health, Justice, Education…).

The Framework is developed following international standards, UN’s Principles and Recommendations for a Vital Statistics systems (UNSD 2014), digital principles for development and integrates standard technologies.

EveLiN lines up with the holistic approach hinged on the interoperability between Health, Civil Registry and Population Registry systems.

At the origin of the legal identity, EveLiN is the foundation of the physical and digital identity of persons to assert their rights and access to a wide range of services.

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Design for augmented connectivity

EveLiN uses Single Page Application making unique and engaging experiences for the end-users when networks are saturated or weak. In areas with no internet, EveLiN can work with the local GSM (SMS) network. EveLiN also supports off-line use.

Data driven

EveLiN uses open-source reporting and GIS modules as well as standard search engine to consolidate and visualize (dashboard and interactive maps) data to monitor the operation, provide Civil Registry statistics and facilitates decision making.

User-centric design

EveLiN is full web and mobile with user friendly configurable HMI that meets the user needs.

Modularity, scalability and availability

EveLiN is built on “microservice” components and containerized / distributed architecture based on SQL or NoSQL databases to meet the country’s scale, customization and configuration needs being hardware agnostic.


The use of open interface standards such as OSIA (Open Standard Identity API) allows EveLiN to seamlessly be integrated in the existing government ecosystem.

Privacy and security by design

As a critical government infrastructure EveLiN guarantees the security and confidentiality of citizens’ personal data.

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The use of Framework allows to:

  •  Shorten the software development cycle: the existing tools and software components are built to be reused
  • Ensure effective solution operation: the existing tools and software components have been implemented, tested and benefit from the experience of past implementations
  • Have a modular and scalable system:
    • The standard and open-source technologies are not proprietaries and facilitate modifications as well as specific evolutions
    • Skills transfer offers end-users to appropriate themselves with the technologies and adapt them to their needs

EveLiN Framework is used to deliver solutions in CRVS digitalization area according to the applicable law covering:


  • Vital events collect and notification mobile process (tablet, smartphone)
  • Civil registry record (paper) digitalization process
  • Vital events management process from offices (desktop web application): notification, validation, registration, certification, documents configuration and deliverance
  • Centralized civil registry data and documents management, storage and archiving
  • Secured civil registry documents using e-signature and QR code
  • Civil registry organization management by setting the user’s parameters, their functions and their rights
  • Interoperability between the Civil Register and the existing functional ecosystem: Population Register managing the Unique Identity Number, Health and Election systems…
  • Generated, consolidated, and visualized civil registry data to monitor the operation, provide Civil Registry statistics and facilitate decision-making
  • Citizen web portal offering on-line civil registry services