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Digitize and optimize the processing of your critical documents

e-Capture is a software that meets all the digitalization process needs from a common use to a massive use in an industrial mode.

e-Capture is composed of a set of modules and functional bricks that can be easily configured according to specific business needs. The design of e-Capture integrates standard technologies.

e-Capture helps organizations optimizing and maximizing their resources as they shift towards a digital archive.


End-to-end digitalization software solution

e-Capture manages all stages of the digitalization process from scanning to exporting data to a third-party system.

Proven field software solution

e-Capture is a robust application used in large-scale projects with millions of documents to digitize.

Access and production security

e-Capture guarantees data confidentiality and security during the digitalization process.

User-centric design

e-Capture offers intuitive user interfaces for production and processing of documents.

Data driven

e-Capture uses open-source reporting to consolidate and visualize (dashboard) data to monitor the operation, provide statistics and facilitate the decision-making.

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e-Capture offers the following business process:

  • Document scanning from market scanners or specialized scanners for books digitalization in various formats. The software integrates specific functions such as automatic identification of the document by barcode if a prior inventory has been made, identification of the page and its automatic straightening in preview to allow the operator to be more efficient, etc.
  • Cutting and processing of images in:
  • manual mode: function performed by an operator
  • automatic mode: the software integrates image processing and correction functions to optimize the process on the productivity aspect (number of documents to be scanned per day), quality (have images and information in the appropriate quality (to have images and information in the system identical to the paper document), space and computer resources optimization (the image scanning requires a lot of storage and processing capacities)
  • Indexing and video coding with capacity depending on the document’s type to use ADR (Automatic Document Recognition) and ADL / OCR (Automatic Document Reading, Character Recognition)
  • Quality control following international quality standards
  • Process and management of errors (in batch or real time)
  • Export process in standard market templates (database or XML) if needed to transfer to specific systems
  • Production management and statistic reports