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Augmented connectivity to optimize your apps to the last mile

Wi-fi, 4G and even 3G networks are a pipe dream for most areas in the world.

But what if there was a secured way to increase your coverage and boost your applications to communicate critical data especially in remote areas where the Internet connection is weak, saturated, or even non-existent?

Be-Bound is a multi-component solution providing minimal connectivity service between an Android’s smartphone App and an application server.


Be-Bound encoding and compression algorithms drastically reduce the size of data Apps can work on low-capacity mobile networks (weak, saturated, unstable …) and can even work without internet using the local GSM (SMS) network.

When integrating this technology, you can expand your business and offer a seamless and optimized end-user experience.

Be-Bound guarantees connection anywhere there is a phone signal.

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List style     Seamless connectivity

By transferring data over the best available network (Wi-Fi, 4G, 3G or GSM) Be-bound ensures a wide coverage to provide continuous connectivity to business Apps.

List style     VPN-like security

By providing end-to-end security by design (confidentiality, integrity, authenticity, non-repudiation) Be-Bound guarantees a secure transfer of all the sensitive data from the Apps to the application server in compliance with corporate security standards and policies (fully compliant with GDPR)

List style     Performance

By optimizing data representation (serialization) and using specifics compression algorithms, Be-Bound allows to significantly reduce the volume of data (depending on its structure and format) to exchange, hence improving apps and end-user experience.

List style     Multi business Apps

Be-Bound can be integrated into any business apps that needs to communicate critical data in remote areas with low or no connectivity: health including immunization campaigns, civil registry for birth and death notifications, child services and early childhood care among etc.

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The Be-Bound platform is based on two components:

  • Be-Bound SDK allowing the integration of Be-Bound’s technologies within your smartphone Apps
  • Be-Bound Server (cloud or on-premises) to interact with telecom operators and SMS aggregators and your application server.

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1. Data is optimized, encoded, and compressed.

2. Data is encrypted and prepared to be sent as a request using a proprietary protocol.

3. The technology checks the network status, and the best available network is chosen:

  • if a 3G or 4G network is available, information is sent normally.
  • if the only way to connect is via a GSM network, then Be-Bound’s technology splits the information in several concatenated text messages. These are sent to the central platform and then rebuild in their initial form to be processed by the central server.

4. If the request is received by HTTPS, it is first identified/authorized, then decoded and decompressed.

5. If the request is received via several SMSs, the Be-Bound server checks that all the SMSs have been received, then reconstructs the request. The request is then identified/authorized, decoded and decompressed.

6. The request is prepared and sent by HTPPS to the application server for processing.