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A true business application, paperless administrative acts management

e-Delib is a software solution to support the electronic management of administrative acts (deliberation, decrees, decision, contracts…). The solution aims at guarantying an accurate follow-up, optimizing the validation process, and transferring the acts to the legality audit in full safety.

e-Delib is also available in mobile mode The users can access documents and benefit from several functions: consultation, annotation, validation, and comments from their mobile equipments.

The mobile mode offers an electronic vote module enabling users to vote administrative acts from their mobile equipment remotely or on-site. This feature has proved its high added value during the COVID-19 pandemic by enabling assemblies (City Council, local department or districts, National Assembly of France) to fully operate their duties and responsibilities during lockdowns.


  • User-centric design
    e-Delib offers simple and convenient user interfaces (business application, ergonomic browsers…).
  • Privacy and security by design
    As a critical application e-Delib guarantees data security, confidentiality, and tracking.
  • Modularity and availability
    e-Delib has been designed to easily configure the workflow to meet any organization needs and offers a high processing speed (consultation, validation, timeliness…).
  • Interoperability
    e-Delib seamlessly integrates into an existing ecosystem based on the interoperability and security standards available on the market.
  • Mobility
    e-Delib eases the mobility process to consult and review administrative documents and vote.


e-Delib solution is now available in three versions. Therefore it covers and meets a wide range of needs from the most standard to the most customized: e-Delib Initial®, e-Delib Essentiel® and e-Delib.

e-Delib Initial® module is in hosted mode, enabling to easily manage the entire process of administrative documents preparation, without worrying about the technical aspects related to its use. It is primarily aimed at small and medium-sized municipalities, SDIS, public institutions, etc.

Elected officials and public decision-makers can access all their documents and benefit from the consultation, annotation, validation, and comment functions on their Nomad mobile application.

Using the Nomad function, officials acknowledge having received an electronic meeting invitation and can automatically confirm their attendance.

The digital voting functionality allows electronic voting via tablet remotely or in person during public assemblies.