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Know where you start and define your improvement plan

Any public administration committing to modernizing their Global System* must start with a clear understanding of its current situation in order to elaborate and control their future organization.

e-Map is a software application that supports the mapping of public administration assets operating in various areas: Civil Registry, Health, Education, Justice and States assets, real estate, and infrastructure.

Through the collection, centralization, exploitation, and analysis of all the data in accordance with GDPR regulation, e-Map provides public administrations with a tool to define and implement their improvement plan.



  • Data collection organization and follow-up optimized based on a GIS
  • Transfer and processing of the information even in low connectivity areas
  • Visualization of all the data integrating BI and GIS open-source software
  • Comprehensive inventory of public administration assets


eMaps software application offers the following customizable functions:

Route management:

  • Registration of the agents
  • Route planning and follow-up (definition of stages, routes, monitoring the progress, allocation of agents)
  • Mission statement for the agents


Multi-channel data collection:

  • From Android mobile application configured to optimize the agent time and limiting the risk of errors
  • From paper forms: collect the document, digitalization, and integration in the process


Data centralization and processing:

  • Data transfer using 4G/3G network or GSM network in areas with low or no connectivity
  • Automatic and manual check to control and validate data quality
  • Follow the progress of the data collection process, view the data, and modify them if necessary


Data analysis and reporting:

  • Statistics and indicators using open-source BI software
  • Visualization of the data on a map using open-source GIS software
  • Capacity to superimpose recorded data on basic geographic maps (electrical networks, infra roads, sanitary maps, etc.)

asterixRefers to all the processes, organization, functions and means allowing a public administration to perform its sovereign functions and deliver to the citizens the expected services. It is not a restriction to the Information & Technology System.