Our team

Digitech Development established in 2017 is part of Digitech Group which was created in 1992 and today comprises of: Digitech France and Digitech Switzerland.

Digitech Group is a team of approximately 80 people dedicated to offer our unique know-how and technical expertise of paperless automation solutions provider. Digitech is the market leader and its solutions help manage hundreds of thousands of documents each year in governments, local and regional authorities, public institutions, banks, insurance companies and large private accounts.


Patrice Polidori

Patrice Polidori:

Patrice is Digitech Development General Director and is at the origin of Digitech international expansion. Over the years, he gathered a team of experts, put in place strategic partnerships and implemented human-centered digital technologies for low resource settings civil registration and vital statistics systems. He now supervises Digitech Development different units. He has more than 20 years of experience in international project management.


Ludovic Pares

Ludovic Pares:

He is the Head of Sales and a Business Engineer for francophone Africa and Americas. Ludovic comes from the identity world where he has had an experience in both South and Latin America for almost a decade. He has worked on the Niger and Ivory Coast projects.

Margaux Audet:

Margaux Audet:

She is in charge of Sales and Business Development for anglophone Africa, Asia and Pacific. Margaux has a strong Public Sector experience in Africa and a good field knowledge of Asia and Pacific regions.

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